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Since joining Real Fitness I have felt much fitter, the exercises are always changing so routines do not become stale and they are more challenging. You offer a wide variety of different workouts which makes exercising fun, it is a pleasure coming to classes as we have fun during class, all the members are very friendly and the groups have become a real happy family. Coming to class each week keeps me on what I call “the straight and narrow”. It makes you realise that you can have a treat but need to pull back and eat sensibly afterwards. I feel better for exercising each week with the few exercises I do at home too.

I am so pleased; all my trousers are now a size 12 – all my size 14s have gone! I do feel fitter and in a size 12 that I wore in my 20s!.

Lesley Ashley

Before I joined Real Fitness, I felt unhealthy, unfit and overweight. I was a bit apprehensive at first, I wondered if it would be something I’d keep up with as I get bored easily and give up, but I’ve been coming for four months now and can honestly say I enjoy it. The classes are fun, varied and informative, with lots of support from Sarah and other members. I enjoy the classes and receiving motivational newsletters in between to keep me on track. I’m feeling so much better for it!

Vicky Iles

Before I started Real Fitness, my overall size wasn’t really very different, but my fitness was poor. Now, my fitness level has improved! Over the years, I have appreciated the change of emphasis in the classes – I enjoy the mixture of aerobic and toning, and the opportunities to attend Clubbercise and try Pilates. I have a frozen shoulder and find some of the plank and similar exercises impossible but I still try. Sarah is encouraging with this. I do press-ups every day although it really hurts, as watching Sarah is an inspiration.

Helen Daniels

If you are looking to build up and retain your fitness levels, have fun and feel motivated then I recommend Real Fitness with Sarah.

I attend several classes a week which can include Kettlebells – HIIT – Pilates – Tummy Tone – and my all time favourite Clubbercise which is an energetic workout to club music. As a member I always know even when I have been on holiday there is always a space waiting for me to continue my fitness journey.

Sarah has huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm and ensures everyone who attends classes is made very welcome (as do all of the members)

Mo Ford

I was depressed and in a rut with a knee problem so had given up on exercising and running. I was worried the class would be too challenging and too critical as I had found a well-known slimming company to be previously. It was none of these things! The combination of the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, the option of weighing, not being humiliated if you put back on a few pounds for whatever reason is so much better.

Real Fitness is a really friendly supportive class who I regularly recommend to my friends. The Whatsap support group is a big help and we welcome and support new members. As I said the hardest thing when you’re down and depressed is coming through the Real Fitness Class door! There is a wide range of ladies, I will be 59 in July, and I don’t feel out of place in the fitness classes. The combination of healthy eating, regular exercise and the chance to weigh only if you want to is the right combination psychologically for me. Thank you Sarah you have the right recipe!

Sharon Hemming

I wasn’t doing any exercise before I joined Real Fitness, and I was yo-yo dieting. I was nervous to begin with – will this be right for me? Am I fit enough? Will I look silly/unfit? – but now I feel fitter, even with just doing one class a week. It was straight forward to set up and start membership.

Julie Garland

Before I started Real Fitness, I was unhappy because I was fat, and if I could get clothes to fit, I felt quite frumpy. At first, I was scared to go to a class on my own as I didn’t know what to expect, but Real Fitness is brilliant – you have given me the tools, guidance and encouragement to lose weight. I now have a new-found confidence in myself, which is something I’ve always lacked. Everyone at classes are on the same mission so they support each other, they are all very friendly. I have made some very dear friends since coming to Real Fitness. Thank you Sarah for helping me get where I am now, and for your support and encouragement to maintain.


Over the last few years before joining, I was becoming less active and less motivated. I moved house so I could no longer walk to work ( which was 40 minutes a day). I tried various classes in Hanham ( yoga, Zumba) which I did for a while but I felt I needed something else.

At first, I was concerned Real Fitness was going to be just another class I would do for a while and then lose interest. I was also unsure about paying the monthly fee. I now think it is a very good idea as it is easier all round. It is good value for money (providing I attend a couple of classes a week) and is no different to the way gym memberships are paid.

I have loved it! Right from the first class I knew that this was the best option for me. Varied classes, great music, all the other members are so friendly, Sarah is brilliant and Bev too.

At one point I could feel I was getting stronger (when doing push ups) and that felt good. I definitely feel my fitness has improved. I would probably say that on the whole my motivation is better and that to me is a result as although in the past I have always been fairly active this is one thing that I struggled with. Obviously I still get weeks where I sometimes feel less motivated but everyone is so encouraging and Sarah is always so upbeat and full of energy it tends to rub off on you.

Over the last year I have really enjoyed the classes. Sarah is always looking for ways to keep class interesting and however bad a day I have had I always feel better after a class. I’m really glad that I joined Real Fitness.

Hayley Burnett

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