About our Clubbercise classes

Who you are:

  • I need to get fit and it has to be fun!
  • I love music, especially club & dance music
  • I am a bit self-conscious
  • I am new to exercise or I already exercise
  • I like to get a bit hot and sweaty when I exercise!

Where you are at now:

  • I am new to exercise or returning to exercise after a long break. I know that I need to exercise and get fitter.
  • I may also be regularly exercising but I’d like to add some variety and fun into my exercise regime.
  • I really need to boost my confidence.
  • I need motivation, and to enjoy an exercise class, where I will go every week, I easily make excuses to not attend an exercise class, because I can find them boring.
  • I love music, especially club and dance music, I love dancing to this type of music, I have fond memories of this type of music from when I was younger, on holiday, at clubs and with my friends etc. Club and dance music make me feel good and happy!
  • I love getting hot and sweaty in an exercise class.
  • I want a class where I can pitch my exercise levels – either high impact if I’m feeling full of energy or lower impact if I’m feeling tired.

Problems I’m facing right now:

  • I do lack confidence, I do enjoy exercise but I feel self-conscious in a room of other people when exercising. I have given up exercise before because I don’t feel confident.
  • I’ve got two left feet! I love dancing but I’m not good at it!
  • I have a busy schedule with work and family commitments, but I need to do some exercise and fit it in.
  • What you need help with
  • I need help getting out of my own way! I need to look after me now, I’ve been looking after others for so long, I need to concentrate on me.
  • I keep making excuses to not eat better and to not exercise. I need to fit a regular class into my week, and I need help doing this.
  • I need an exercise class that helps build my confidence, where I can dance and workout without worrying about going the wrong way or doing the wrong step!

How can a weekly Clubbercise class help me?

  • First of all you will leave the class feeling amazing and buzzing! You’ll have an amazing rush of adrenaline, and your “happy hormones” will take over! Exercise and fantastic music will help do this. You will also use your vocal cords – singing and shouting!
  • You can burn in excess of 400 calories per class.
  • You will see your Fitness levels increase
  • You will feel your confidence improve
  • Your mental cognition will improve too – as you learn all the dance choreography!
  • You will make loads of new friends in the “Clubbercise Family”
  • Your motivation will improve – You will look forward to the next class……! You won’t want to miss a class!

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